We are now offering these in custom with your hall, name, ticket number etc.

How can we do this? I am a designer and design on the fly.

Please write in comment section.

Billet Aluminum Wallet Made from 2 pieces of solid billet aluminum. This wallet can hold from 2 cards up to 15. Also comes with a money clip for holding your currency. Product dimensions are 2 3/8 x 3 1/2 x 1/4 completely empty. This is a great front pocket wallet. NFC/RFID protection. Comes with 4 extra orings. This wallet will never wear out. Only weighs 81 grams.
Remember it also protects their credit card info from the RFID readers. They cant scan it thru the Aluminum.
And as an added bonus WAIT FOR IT…….The cutout is a bottle opener
Made in USA
Each one is done one by one, not bulk so please allow time for delivery.
Each one is boxed and sealed.


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